Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Film Festival 2014 - Call for Submissions!

2014 Film Festival Submission Guidelines

Do YOU have an amazing animated film to submit to the 2014 PMC Film Festival? Or a WIP to your amazing animated film? Or even just a short little animation test you did in Intro to Traditional Animation??? Then you are awesome. And we are more than happy to take those entries for our annual festival.

Please follow these steps to submit your film to the 2014 Pencil Mileage Club Film Festival. Note that submission to the PMC Film Fest is NOT limited to just members.

Step 1
Export your video with the following settings:
  • File types acceptable: .mp4, .mov, .avi
  • Compression type: H.264
  • Resolution: 1280x720
  • Frame rate: 24fps
  • Video standard: NTSC
Step 2
Name your file according to this guideline:
(example: "KevinLam_BestAnimationEver_PMCFF2014.mp4")

Step 3
Please email your submission to pencilmileageclub@gmail.com with the subject "2014 PMC Film Fest Submission - [YourName]".
In the email, provide the following information:
1. Your Name
2. Film name
3. Film length
4. Indicate whether this is the final version, or if it's a WIP, and you'll send us the final version later

*You may also hand us a DVD or CD of your film with the requested information as well.

Step 4
Send us a rough place holder by April 26th. *If we don't get a WIP film by this date, your film might not make it into the festival.* Send a final version of your animation by May 2nd. The earlier the better :)

  • We have the right to refuse service! (In other words we have the right to not put your film in the festival for whatever reason, but really we will accept nearly everything.)
  • If your animation does not have music, we may play our choice of music over it.
  • BY SUBMITTING TO THE PMC FILM FESTIVAL, YOU ARE GRANTING US PERMISSION TO POST YOUR ANIMATION ONLINE AS PART OF THE PMC FILM FESTIVAL. If you wish to not have your animation posted online, please let us know in the email.
Due Dates:
April 26th - Place holder (rough animatic or WIP animation)
May 2nd - Final animation

The 2014 PMC Film Festival will be May 10th in the TSU Theater.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Drawing Challenge Entries!

 It's time to vote! Please send the number you would like to vote for to pencilmileageclub@gmail.com

Theme: Time Travel



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PMC Presents: Jeff Ranjo

Disney Feature Animation Story Board Artist, Jeff Ranjo!

Mr. Ranjo will discuss his work on the hit film "Frozen," give tips on Storyboarding for feature animation, and draw everyone's favorite talking snowman, Olaf!

Mr. Ranjo's previous experience includes working for the Jim Hensen Company, and for Sony Pictures on the feature film "Surf's Up."

If you are interested in seeing some of Mr. Ranjo's work, be sure to check out his Tumblr:


The event takes place this Friday, March the 14th, at 7:00pm in Humanities 123.

Also, Mr. Ranjo will be bringing a Walt Disney Feature Animation Artist Exlucsive Comicbook to sell, and at an exlusive studnet discount! 

This comic book is a collection of the Artists' personal comic strips, done yearly at Disney Feature Animation.

If intersted, be sure to bring $15 for the book. Mr. Ranjo will also be accepting credit cards!

See you there!